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Having received the challenge during the Decade of Pentecost Ministerís Institute in Johannesburg, 12 -15 September 2011 the leaders, Pastors and delegates of the International Assemblies of God make the following Decade of Pentecost commitments:

Through the help of God the Almighty, we strive to reach the following goals between September 2011 and December 2020

  • Have 100% of our members baptized in the Holy Spirit
  • Have 100†000 new born again and spirit - filled believers
  • Plant 1†000 new churches
  • Raise up intercessors in every church who will pray daily for the Decade of Pentecost
  • Through our various Bible schools, train 1000 pastors
  • Establish a national missions desk and district sub structures to mobilize the church for home and foreign missions
  • Have 30 missionaries who are fully supported by the church
  • Establish evangelistic teams in every district

The following strategy will be implemented by a committee assigned to ensure that our goals are achieved

  • † † †A survey to be conducted and accurate statistics to be kept
  • Monitoring of progress of set goals in each district
  • † † †Encourage all structures of our church i.e. districts, zones and local assemblies to engage in aggressive evangelism and church planting campaigns
  • Organise conferences at various structures of our church on the Holy Spirit and Missions
  • Raise strong consistent financial support for Bible Schools and Missions

All pastors to be encouraged to seek to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit throughout the decade of Pentecost.

Signed on the 15th day of September 2011

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General President General Secretary

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Assistant General President Assistant General Secretary


General Treasurer

Decade of Pentecost

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